Crochet: A Story of Empowerment and Recovery

College Craft Crew

I am going to spice things up a little with a short story about my friend.

She was in her freshman year of college. A bright, young mind waiting to explore the classrooms of education and the hallways of self-discovery. She was prepared to open herself to new experiences, to understand the appeal of hipster coffee shops and to finally learn what “sustainability” meant.

Only a few short weeks into her new life, the girl fell victim to sickness. It began as a simple sore throat that appeared to be caused by a cold developing into chronic fatigue. She felt exhausted and sluggish at all hours of the day. Wake up. Class. Sleep. Class. Sleep. Shower. Sleep. Her life became a caricature of college life and it disgusted her. But only for a couple of minutes because she would fall asleep after thinking for too long.

One morning she woke…

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