Question to our UK readers – we need a sewing shop

I want to buy some embroidery hoops but don’t want to order from Ebay or a larger shop. I prefer to buy from a small independent seller.

Do you know of anyone you’d recommend who sells sewing supplies that will either let me order online or over the phone?


Thank you!


6 thoughts on “Question to our UK readers – we need a sewing shop

  1. My local (I say local, it’s still half an hour away by car) is Threads and Patches in Bletchly, Milton Keynes. They are online and by phone and facebook; very helpful and friendly. I’m sure you’ll get lots of suggestions.

  2. You could try My Sewing Basket in Dunstable, Bedfordshire. Speak to Dave, tell him Samantha suggested you call?? You can find them on facebook. Let me grab their number and pop another comment up for you x

  3. (01582) 371127 opens at 9.30 tomorrow morning. They are a small local business, trading just one year and facing all the challenges that local businesses face. They may be able to help. Good luck!


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