Non-crochet post but very important!

We don’t normally promote non-crochet matters on ukcrochetpatterns, but this post is about something close to our heart.

Canine Partners is desperate for people to become puppy parents.

One of us is actually looking after a puppy for them at the moment. These dogs make an untold difference to the lives of the disabled and the charity simply does not have enough dogs to compete with demand! But they need puppy parents to help!

What the charity needs are people willing and able to let a puppy live with them for up to 18 months to become socialised. During that time, you will need to teach it the basic commands any dog knows. There is ZERO money involved for you (unless you want to spend your pocket money on treats and toys like my daughter!). You don’t pay for anything. The charity provides absolutely everything, right down to food and petrol money to attend training classes and vets bills. All sorts of family situations are acceptable: we have three cats. My friends have three other dogs. Someone else I know has no other pets at all.

Please visit their website for more information – CLICK HERE.

Hear from a disabled person about what a difference her dog has made to her life HERE. Her dog, Derby, has meant that she can be alone now, and is less dependent on family and friends.

If you can’t have a dog at the moment, perhaps you could donate?

And if you’re not sure, here’s a photo of our puppy, Princess Bumble (with her teddy):



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