Happy New Year! And A New Crochet Pattern! :)

Beautiful photo!

My Northern Cottage View

Hi Friends!

We continue to enjoy the holidays with dear son on Christmas break from school.  We have been playing Settlers of Catan quite a bit in the evenings and absolutely love it!

Settlers Carl & Keaton

Also, in the last few days I’ve been working on crocheting, photographing, writing and publishing my latest pattern:  Highland Beauty Crochet Headband with Flower.  Yay!  As always, it seems that I need to get better photos for my Etsy listing (would like to get some outside shots with dear daughter), but they are adequate to publish for now.

front view A

Tonight will be pretty low key.  We often times get together with a certain family and play games, but that didn’t work out for tonight so we will go to dinner, play some games here at the house and watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” with dear son who ALWAYS watches that movie on New Year’s Eve as part of…

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