European vs English

Soooo, apparently I wasn’t clear enough 😛 :>>>>

Regarding this post: what the video is talking about is English language crochet terms used by everywhere that speaks English (except North America).

European countries do not speak English. They speak their own languages – French, German, Spanish, Dutch, etc, etc, etc. There is no such thing as one “European” language or “European” crochet terms.

If you said “half treble” to a Slovakian, they’d say “I don’t speak English” in Slovakian. Unless they do speak English of course, but then they still wouldn’t know what you’re on about as they use their own terms for crochet.

Some European countries don’t even write using the same letters as the rest of us. Some Eastern European countries use an entirely different alphabet so “htr” is meaningless to them.

Capiche? 😛 :>>>>


5 thoughts on “European vs English

  1. True! Although I’m an exception, I learned how to crochet from youtube in English, so I don’t know any Dutch terms, haha 😛 My mom talked about ‘skokjes maken’ but I don’t know what it is.. I do know the Dutch and English terms on knitting though (:

  2. I understood it perfectly the first time 😉 I’m from Spain and I appreciate you pointing out these differences in names because it can be very confusing when looking for patterns in the internet when English is not you mother language with all the names and abreviations and different ways to determine the size of the hooks. Good job with your blog


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