Heart-Shaped Corner Bookmarks

Craft Krazy

Hey there!!

My first post is gonna be about this adorable looking Corner Bookmark!


Actually, I got the heart pattern from here: http://fizule71.blogspot.ae/2013/02/je-libo-valentynske-srdicko.html

And I could pretty much figure out the instructions once Google translated it to English..

Here we go:

Step 1: Make 31 chain stitches and do a slip stitch on the first  chain, making a ring. ( I thought the magic circle would also work, but I was wrong.. the arcs don’t turn out just as nicely.. )

Step 2: Now we work through each stitch of the ring. Basically a chain stitch has 3 different strands. (When we do stitches through it, we have to make sure we grab at least two of the strands.)

Okay so make 3 chain stitches (right after joining with the slip stitch), this is equal to one Double Crochet (DC).Then in the same stitch, make 2 DC’s. That…

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