Correcting a misconception

The amazing Mikey has made an instructive video with RedHeart yarns about the difference between US terminology and … “European” terminology.

Unfortunately, this video isn’t correct!

There is no such thing as “European” terminology or “a European language”, as Europe isn’t a country.

It’s a continent with dozens of different countries on it, each with their own distinct language, culture, governments, laws … and crochet terminology! Just as North America is occupied by Canada, the USA and, some say, Mexico – they’re all on the same continent but not the same country.

When Mikey says “European”, he means UK crochet terms – ie those used in the United Kingom (and also Australia and New Zealand). The UK is the “United Kingdom”, a political state made up of England, Scotland, Wales (which make Great Britain because they’re all on the island called “Great Britain”) and Northern Ireland – four different countries in a political union. Its birth and history are complicated and controversial discussions not for a crochet blog, but it does mean we can submit one team made up of the best of four countries to the Olympics (although our football and rugby teams compete separately unless we play against Australia and then we have to combine forces to beat them)!

Some crocheters in different European countries use US terms because they prefer them, but each country has their own names for crochet stitches.

We ADORE Mikey and are sooo grateful for everything he does for crochet! And we love Red Heart loads too! But please don’t let this video confuse you!


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