Very Important New Poll


3 thoughts on “Very Important New Poll

  1. I know you don’t have Thanksgiving there, but my rule here is the Xmas decorations go up on the Friday after Thanksgiving…which this year is Friday the 29th. Not one day earlier, no matter how much I may want them…because it’s good to enjoy the fall decorations for a while too and not just rush into Christmas 🙂 That being said, I spend most of my thanksgiving weekend putting up ALL the decorations and lights because by that point I’m dying to have them up! Oh, and they have to come down on January 1st too

    • We do Thanksgiving in our house as my eldest daughter was born in the US and her father’s side of the family are American. It’s an excuse for a feast!
      It’s tradition in the UK not to take the decs down before or after January the 6th as it’s unlucky lol. It’s also the day the Wise Men “reached the Christ child” so marks the end of Christmas, allegedly.
      I really, really want to put the tree up right now … lol.

  2. I voted “do it” after I read your “really, really want to” remark. 🙂 I usually wait until after Thanksgiving too. But sometimes I put up the Christmas village before then because we usually have plenty of snow and it just feels like I should. Blessings and have fun no matter when you put the tree up!


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