What’s your tip for Crochet beginners?

Ours is: Try every pattern you find!


16 thoughts on “What’s your tip for Crochet beginners?

  1. My tip is to learn the difference between UK and US crochet terminology, that was my undoing when I learned to crochet, I couldn’t work out why everything I crocheted came out wrong!!

  2. Take photos of your projects. It’ll be a great a record of everything you make and will also show how much you’ve improved and progressed. Plus it’s great looking back.

  3. Follow a tutorial on youtube of a project that you love. I started crocheting almost two years ago with a baret-ish beanie with about 3 different stitches, I followed the instructions and finished it in two days 🙂 I was so proud that I decided to make another, and another, and now I’m making sweaters and everything and learned to improvise this year..

  4. My advice is to find how you learn best and go for it. I stumbled on the fact that I learn so easily and quickly by watching a video, rather than looking at pictures in a magazine or book! Be brave.

  5. set yourself up for success by starting with something easy, that uses only a few basic stitches, and preferably is flat and rectangular, then work up from there…like washcloth—>scarf or shawl—>hat—>life size amigurumi Yoda. 😀

  6. When I started crocheting, eventually I wanted to reimburse the cost of my materials by making stuff for friends and let them pay for materials and nothing for the hand-work. This, obviously, was quite a big mistake because some did not understand how much money may go into making a scarf (and only for materials!) and I ended up having two scarves that nobody wanted to buy because of comments like ‘oh I did not think you want me to pay you’ even though I explained that that was the deal. It’s sometimes quite sad how little people think of hand-made crochet pieces that are made with love and positive attitude rather than slaved for in a sweatshop.

  7. Here’s my advice, hope it helps: Get as many different size hooks as you can; if you’re using a pattern, which you probably will be if you’re just starting, this will help you get the gauge right and you won’t have to delay everything with a trip to the store. Hooks aren’t that pricey (I would stay away from fancy ‘designer’ ones until you’re sure you like crocheting), plus you can buy them in sets; sometimes you can even find them in thrift stores – places that sell donated items for charity (Sorry, I don’t know what these are called in the UK).

    Oh, one more – Stick with yarn that’s plain enough for you to see the stitches. Fancy and novelty yarns are really pretty but if you can’t see what you’re doing or where to put your hook you’ll have trouble getting your project to come out right, which could be really frustrating – possibly enough to make you quit crocheting, which wouldn’t be a good thing.

  8. I would have to say practice your stitches!! Be a master of the double crochet, magic circles, puff stitches, and clusters before you start a project that uses them. You’ll be much happier with the outcome! Oh, and invest in a yarn company since you’re about to buy more yarn than you think!!

  9. Go one stitch at a time. I would say, if you master the chain stitch, you pretty much can crochet any stitch :)) videos are your best teachers. you can then graduate to learning from written patterns. You learn to master the chain stitch, ( the tension) befriend the hook and the yarn ( the way you hold the hook and feed the yarn ) ….and I bet you can crochet any pattern, any project. You will gain speed as you gain confidence !!


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