Nalbinding: a knotty problem!

Aelfwyn's Adventures

With so much yarn being produced, I’ve been itching to actually do something with it. For a while now, I’ve been fascinated by the “Viking” method of knitting – nalbinding. It looks wonderful; a series of loops in a chain, spiralling around and around to create hats, socks, mittens.

It looks wonderful. But I found its a bugger to learn.

You only use one needle. And it involves being proficient at using both hands (anyone who paints their nails will know that if you’re using your left hand to paint your right hand nails, you may as well have employed your neighbours cat to do it).

There’s a million and one articles on the internet showing you, in patient, step-by-step/knot-by-knot stages how to produce a beautiful chain of loops. There’s also a fair amount of variations of stitch. Oslo, Mammen, York. I suppose, for a craft that’s been around for…

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