A question for you!

Magic loop or not?


We’ve noticed that as useful as Magic Loops are for closing up holes, they tend to come undone easily when used for items like hats if not secured properly.


What do you think?


13 thoughts on “A question for you!

  1. I do like a magic circle for things where you don’t want there to a gap at the end, like stuffed animals, but I agree that unless you pull them nice and tight and knot them properly, they will become loose.

  2. I love the magic circle. My solution for it coming apart is to knot it a couple of times when I finish that row and then crochet over the tail completely wrapping it around my stitches as I cover it. I test it by pulling on it after a couple of rows. I haven’t had it come loose after doing that.

  3. I thought I was the only crocheter in the world who doesn’t use the magic loop! Yes, it is easy to tighten, but it also loosens easily, and I don’t use knots in my work.

  4. I love, love, love magic loop! I don’t know where it had been all my yarny life lol. I pull mine super tight and leave my tail out until I’m finished with my piece and then pull again and weave in my ends. I can’t quite get my hole to close up with a ch2 for some reason and I pull tight! I’ve never had an issue with anything coming undone with my work yet.

  5. I’ve used magic loop a few times and haven’t had issues yet with it coming undone… I hope it doesn’t! I just pulled it tight and worked the tail in…but I tend to leave very long tails (like 6 inches) and work them all the way in, because i’m paranoid….so that may be part of it.

  6. I learned to use it a couple of months ago. So far, it’s worked for my hats. I’ll keep an eye on the places I’ve used it, to make sure there aren’t any problems.

    I love this blog, I learn SO much!


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