Free eBook, Never Ending Granny Afghans by Michael Sellick

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In 2012, Mikey created his very first eBook called the Never Ending Granny Square eBook.

Mikey has been crocheting since he was 14 years of age. In his teens and 20’s, he was unable to do corners of the slip stitching required for conventional granny afghans. He came up with this concept to continuously revolving around the afghan so there are no official stop and starting points for every round. The afghans grow in a complete square and you can have really interesting designs using this concept.

This free eBook shows you how to do single strand, 3 strand, 5 strand and 7 strand afghans. Obviously the more strands you add for the continuous revolution, the more the strings tend to twist up. It’s all about staying organized.

Mikey provided written instructions as well as diagrams to show you how to start, continue and end your project.

Download This…

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