Incredibly Simple Slouchy Hat – Free Pattern!

ELK Studio - Handcrafted Crochet Designs

Are you ready for a simple slouchy hat pattern that’s quick and uses only one skein of yarn?  Yea, me too especially since the holidays are coming up so quickly!

Insanely Simple Slouchy HatI haven’t played around with chunky yarn very much in my crochet experience but since having used it while making a free cowl pattern from Beatrice Ryan Designs, I’ve come to like the feel and how quickly a project works up.

I tried two different types of chunky yarn for this project because I always want to see which yarn can give me the results I’m trying to carry out.  My first choice was “I Love This Chunky Yarn” by Hobby Lobby and the other was by Lion Brand.  In the end, I chose “I Love This Chunky Yarn” because it was so super soft and for a hat, I think that’s pretty important.  Plus from the pictures below, you…

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