How to Crochet an 8-bit Mario Blanket


The Ugly Iowan

My niece is into video games, so for her 13th birthday, I made her this blanket. As a little kid, she played Super Mario Bros. on her folks’ NES, so I found this awesome pattern from Instructables that mimics the 8-bit style of those early games. The pattern is for the original Mario, but I made some alterations to the pattern so the colors are a bit more modern. Instead of SuperSaver, I used Red Heart Classic (the flesh tone is called Sea Coral, other colors are Cherry Red, Olympic Blue, Nickel, Yellow, Middle Brown, and Black). Know how to crochet granny squares? This blanket will be easy to make. And even if you don’t know how to make granny squares, Google exists, so it’s no problem. Everything I know about crochet and knitting I learned from YouTube videos.

This blanket got some love on reddit, so I figured I’d share…

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