The Competition post only has ten entrants so far and it closes tonight. It’s open to ALL readers, including international. You don’t have to have a purely crochet blog … or have we messed up with the prizes on offer? Would you guys prefer to win different things?



6 thoughts on “Confused!

  1. it seems like those would be great prizes for anyone who actually has a business to promote…I didn’t enter because this is just a hobby for me. Maybe one day it will become a business, but right now that seems like a VERY long way off and I’m not sure if it’s even what I want. I’m not actually selling anything, so didn’t want to have to design an ad of some kind – I wonder how many of your readers are in the same boat?

      • Hmm…ok, I’ll bite then 🙂 But I don’t think I want to write a guest post though – I don’t know that my skill level is up to par yet with the stuff you typically post (which is usually really awesome!), so I’d be a bit intimidated by the thought of writing something. .

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