We’re after Guest Posters!

For the following subjects:



Crochet-related injuries (how’s yer wrist? :P)

If you fancy having a go, please send us a message. We are particularly interested in hearing from anyone with over a year’s experience of Ravelry. We’d like you to write a how-to-use-Ravelry type of post.

As usual, you get all the credit, and can use your post to toot your own trumpet with links and photos as much as you like!

If you need any pointers on how to go about it, check our our AWESOME previous guest posters, superheroines one and all!


PS If you have a burning crochet-related post, message us too. We’ll see what we can do!

5 thoughts on “We’re after Guest Posters!

  1. Oo, I’d love to get more insight on Ravelry! I use Etsy, but I’ve only made two sales, so I’m not qualified for this round of guest posting! 😀 I’ll stay tuned though.


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