Help us test out our first link party?

So, here’s our first attempt at a Link Party! Apparently, if you want to take part, you need to click the frog and add your link. It will then show up in the list.

We’re going to keep it simple so add any of your own blog pages you like, providing they’re crochet-related and family viewing!

We’ve limited it to 20 links for our first trial to see what happens.

Go for it! And click on the other links too! That’s the whole point of the exercise!


14 thoughts on “Help us test out our first link party?

  1. Great idea! Unfortunately, although a few of my posts are about crochet, none of them can be considered family viewing.

  2. Tried it! Never done one before. If you wanted to only showcase UK, though, feel free to remove mine. šŸ™‚ I realized after I linked that you might only want UK patterns given that’s kinda who you are!

  3. Done! I don’t post a lot and it’s not always about crochet but it’s usually something crafty (and yarny), and I try to make it helpful by sharing what I did. Anyway – thanks for doing this and let us know how it went.


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