I’m a bit upset to be posting this today. We’ve been accused of something quite nasty and we need to clarify how WordPress reblogging works.

I was contacted by a crocheter about a reblog of something she made. It took me a while to find it as it wasn’t immediately clear which post was being talked about. I have asked the crocheter to clarify but haven’t received a reply yet.

I *think* we know which reblog we’re referring to.

For anyone not familiar with reblogging on WordPress, if I reblog someone else’s post, I do NOT have any control over how it appears. WordPress control the format of reblogging. Reblogging is a way of sharing content and it’s as simple as that, like your SHARE button on Facebook or Twitter. All the links to the author of the post are there within the reblog. I, as a reblogger, cannot add or remove anything from the reblog as that would be editing someone else’s blog – and that’s not possible on any blog network. In fact, that’s hacking!

Reblogging is not a “lazy” way of stealing someone else’s content. It’s a quick way of promoting other people’s work and sending more visitors to other people’s blogs and websites – ie, AWAY from ours!

Anyone who has been following us knows that we NEVER EVER leave out sources – EVER. We usually source someone’s work two or three times per post! We are all about publicising crocheters and fibre artists. We don’t take anyone’s photos – we link back to them. We publicize and promote YOU, our readers, whenever we can, and we know that you know that.

Our notes on the reblog in question are also clear that it is not a free pattern reblog, as in the case of many of our reblogs. They’re ideas to try out and promotion of artists we’re not featuring in a main article.

We would NEVER deliberately upset anyone and we would never knowingly cause our posts to upset anyone else. We apologise deeply to anyone upset upset by any misunderstandings we have inadvertantly caused.

We are VERY grateful to our readers, supporters and contributors. We do what we do for you because we love it, because no one else is doing it like us (as far as we know!), and because handmade artists deserve far, far more support and promotion than they get!

Please let this matter rest here!


Edited to add that we’ve felt compelled to post about this matter because the person did not contact us privately to query it. They implied multiple times on a very public forum that we had done something quite wrong. We’ve even followed their own requests for sharing their work. We need to defend our reputation and the good name we’ve built up since we began the blog. This is the first time any negativity has found us and it’s pretty upsetting!