Which hook size do you use the most?

One of us loves a 4mm and the other a 5!

How about you?

PS Have we told you how much we love our readers recently?

24 thoughts on “Which hook size do you use the most?

  1. I use 2.75mm most of the time. I make plushes and dolls, and even though the standard hook size is 4mm, I use a smaller hook because I like the stitches to be tighter.

  2. I tend to use my 4mm & 5mm hooks the most, although I’ve been using my 3mm one a lot recently, making lots of lovely baby things for my soon-to-be step-grand-daughter 🙂

  3. 3.5mm is my hook of choice. I seem to feel the piece I’m working on much better. I lose that ‘touch’ with bigger size hooks.

  4. I’m definitely one for the larger scale hooks, the smallest I tend to use is a 4mm, you can usually spot me with a 6mm, but I do love to go up to my 15mm hook and crochet some super chunky stuff!

  5. I’m a 4mmer – I only buy nice hooks in 4mm. If it’s not appropriate for the yarn or project, I try to make it work (which only occasionally turns into a horrible disaster).


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