Your assistication needed

Your assistication needed

I made that word up, in case you’re wondering. See the beautiful, wide, soft yarn in the photo, being lovingly coveted by my little friend? It’s one of the skeins sent to us by Red Heart … and I can’t work out what I want to do with it.



13 thoughts on “Your assistication needed

  1. I make up words all the time 🙂

    Forgive me for my links below if you’re not able to access them. I can only make my pages on Ravelry public and I don’t know if you’ll have the ability to look at these.

    I second the bag idea. A glance at Ravelry and it looks like everyone is making the scarfs It looks like it is made to create ruffles in projects or edgings.

    I found a really unique shawl that used the yarn as well here

  2. It is Sashay, right? Red heart has some patterns on their site for ruffled pillows, bags, and clutches with sashay. It’s also good in small quantities to add ruffled edges to things. It’s a bit annoying to work with though.

  3. I love the word assistication and may well steal it! That yarn looks soft, so I would suggest a scarf or a muff to keep hands warm. I think it is time that Muffs came back into fashion!


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