The Hit-Girl (Free Amigurumi Pattern)

Tales of Twisted Fibers

Chloe, the Hit-Girl Amigurumi Free PatternThis is Chloe, named after the young actress who plays Mindy Macready/Hit-Girl in the film adaptation of Mark Miller’s comic book series Kick-Ass.  Chloe, the Hit-Girl Amigurumi Free PatternAnd this is the story of 11 year old Chloe and her best friend who happens to be a teddy bear and goes by the name Honey BooChloe, the Hit-Girl Amigurumi Free Pattern When Honey Boo—a gifted Scrabble player—is abducted by a band of ruthless villains, Chloe is left with no choice but to unmask her secret identity of a crime fighter (pretty much like that nerdy fellow Peter Parker, only much more kick-ass!) to rescue her friend. Will Chloe succeed? Read the comic panels in the gallery below to find out. Or if you don’t care much for silly comic panels, you can skip right to the end of this post and grab the free Chloe, the Hit-Girl amigurumi pattern.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed…

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3 thoughts on “The Hit-Girl (Free Amigurumi Pattern)

  1. I just love this little girl, she looks just like my grand daughter. Can you please send this pattern to me?


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