What are your works in progress at the moment?

I have:

a plarn project;

a book cover;

planning for two more book covers;

make-up removers for gifts;

pillow case.


14 thoughts on “What are your works in progress at the moment?

  1. Finally finished an afghan I have been working on for a while 🙂 So now I’m down to a baby sweater, a women’s sweater, 2 baby hats and writing patterns for a baby hat and wine bottle cozy. I think I need to cut back a little – haha

  2. Goodness, I have: a pair of shorts, a baby boy blanket, 2 bridesmaids’ belts, a newborn hat (not started), and several items that need the ends woven in and need blocking…. O.o And I can’t stop thinking of new things that I *have* to try!

  3. I’ve got 2 sweater/shrugs going, a sock monkey hat (just needs one ear and poofball/tassels), and a chevron infinity scarf. I’m beginning to panic about starting fall/Christmas items, so I’ll probably get those started after the monkey is finished (I’m waiting for yarn for one shrug, and the other is ‘off’ a stitch SOMEWHERE.. arrgh!).

  4. I am preparing for next month back to school theme and have the put the pearls on the project of the month of August. Have to start a hat over, because it got to small. My black baby doll head is still my cat’s ball and I can start that from scratch, have 2 more arms to finish also on it. My cancer victim hat lies dormant, because my circles do not fit together. The revision on my eyeglass cases is stuck, because I ran out of yarn. But that is about all I am working on.
    Please tell me what is a plarn project.

  5. A dodecahedron – finally started after wanting to make one for so long. Should not take me too long and blog post shortly thereafter. A mini cardigan, done just need to blog it. A canvas/quote thingy for son’s room. Oh and a wedding card. That’s all. Oh thanks for yet another thing to search on Pinterest, plarn. Although must admit over twenty years ago I remember this lady on the school bus knitting with ‘plarn’ bread bags – I did think it was odd – was she ahead of her time…..

  6. I am working on several projects, alternatively. I just finished a Ziggy Stardust doll, and now I am working on 2 dog plushes, and Jareth, the goblin king. I think I am truly addicted to crochet, I always have 2 or 3 things going on! lol

  7. Oh dear. I’m currently working on a baby snug, a scarf, a wash mitt, some granny squares for a blanket, Crochet Camp pieces, a travel mug cosy, a huge blanket and teaching a friend to crochet. So many things!


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