Tapestry Crochet = dead easy

I think most of us have been doing a bit of Tapestry Crochet without realising it.

Tapestry Crochet is all about keeping more than one strand of yarn on the go at a time, crocheting over the unused colour with the working colour.  It’s just like crocheting over ends! You could work with as many strands as you think you can manage, I guess, but this pattern involves only two at a time.

You can make this beautiful bag using the Tapestry technique, using only UK DC. It’s very, very easy.

Click here for a tutorial video about Tapestry Crochet from RedHeart.

Click here for this amazing pattern from CrochetMe.com

*Found via http://christinascountry.wordpress.com

5 thoughts on “Tapestry Crochet = dead easy

  1. interesting…I’m actually surprised the darker colors carried behind the white don’t show through more, I’ve always had a problem with that…maybe it’s the yarn they used?


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