Tis the Season … oh no it isn’t!

I love Christmas so who cares if it’s July? There’s only four months of shopping days left! Never fear, we’ve come to the rescue.

We found a pattern to make your own Christmas baubles! We feel all Santa-like! It’s nice and easy, and all in UK dc.

The creator at GreedyForColour (best header banner EVER!) has posted a wonderful tutorial and lots of pictures.

You could, of course, use this pattern for other spherical ideas – fruit, toys, heads, etc – and enlarge too.

Find the tutorial here.


3 thoughts on “Tis the Season … oh no it isn’t!

  1. Reblogged this on teabeaknits blog and commented:
    I love this idea! Plus you can all those little ends of yarn left over when you sew up an item as stuffing . I hate throwing them away but didn’t have any projects on the go to use them up – now I shall continue to save them till I start making these. We have a pink tree in our office at Christmas so I’m planning on making them in a range of girly colours 😉


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