How do you store your yarn?

Mine’s in a big basket that my pussycat friends have adopted as a bed!


13 thoughts on “How do you store your yarn?

  1. I have three large totes. . yarn in use is in bags or boxes depending on the size of the project, I also store my hook and pattern with each project so I don’t forget what I was using. I have at any given time 2-4 things in the works at all times.

  2. Mine is neatly stacked on IKEA shelves according to weight. Surrounded by natural moth repellent.
    And any remainders are in a separate basket which I use to give away, make left over things, experiment.
    My cats don’t go anywhere near my wool – they’re far to hairy!

    • that’s about how mine are too – worsted weight and baby yarn on a bookshelf, other yarns sorted into a 3-drawer bin thing, current projects in bags (or in those plastic “yarn-tainer” bottles), and all my crochet thread in a basket.

      that is of course except for the 20 or so balls and skeins surrounding me on the couch right now….

  3. I keep mine in plastic totes.. One big for cotton, a couple for acrylic, a couple for thread, then I have one I put my special yarn in like silk, wool ect.

  4. I mostly use the same weight yarns so I sort my stash by colour. At the moment its in various bags behind a settee with a loose cover that I flick over if I need to hide it. Current projects are pretty much left where I was last sitting when I was working on them – unless we have non-knitty visitors, in which case there’s plenty of room behind the aforementioned settee.

  5. All yarns currently in use go in my project box, new yarn yet to be used goes in a giant bag behind the sofa and yarn scraps go in a bag in the new yarn bag.


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