Hey…That’s MINE!



You may see the title of this post and assume that I’m about to tell you a story about my 4-year-old. Sadly, you would be assuming wrong.

Let’s talk a little about one of my biggest pet peeves as a crocheter.


Do you already know where I’m going with this? The crochet community (and all handmade, from what I understand) has been abuzz recently with much talk, and even more confusion about what “copyright” encompasses in the world of handmade goods. I’m going to focus on crochet, because that’s what I’ve familiarized myself with.

Some designers seem to be under the impression that if they write a pattern, it gives them license to determine how things are produced by that pattern, and furthermore, what may become of any items created using it. These designers are either blatantly making up their own ‘laws’, twisting the existing law to suit their…

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4 thoughts on “Hey…That’s MINE!

  1. Omg, if someone was to actually use a pattern I wrote, I’d be tickled….and if it resulted in a product someone else was willing to pay for, I’d be over the moon! Thank you for posting this – it’s good to have some clarity on what we can and can’t do with patterns.


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