Saturday Shout Out No. 1 – Dawn’s Cozy Corner

Happy Weekend to everyone and welcome to our first Saturday Shout Out! This is where we highlight one of your online shops.

Our first shop is Dawn’s Cozy Corner at Etsy.

We’ve had a good look around and are kinda in love with these guys. They look cross and cute at the same time. Dawn has THE most adorable crochet dolls too. They’re big enough to cuddle, not amigurumi. She has some crocheted slouchie hats on sale, plus phone cozies that put our efforts to shame!

Continuing her cozy theme, we also spotted some beautiful painted jars. We haven’t seen this sort of decoration on a jar before. They feel autumn-y and snuggly, and would give an interesting glow with a tea candle inside them.

As for these shoes … YES PLEASE!


So do have a look! Tell us and Dawn what you think! We LOVE the idea of a cozy theme for everything she sells. It creates a lovely, friendly atmosphere!

Dawn’s Cozy Corner


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