New Hat Tricks

Vivere Nel Colore

My Lil One and I are huge fans of the hat.  We both have many, and somehow there’s always room for one more, or five or six!  A hat is easy on the wallet, and the schedule, so I love putting one on the needles and having something to wear in just a couple of days.  It seems I’ve been on quite a bit of a hat making spree lately, and we’re both thrilled to have so many new styles to try out… if only it weren’t hot outside!

So here’s a little review of the latest FO hats:

First up, the Purple Asbury, for Lil One.  This one I made just for her.  It is based on a Spanish Doily pattern, and I thought it would be a great fashion hat for her to dress up with, even if it isn’t very warm.  The pattern is Asbury Beret…

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One thought on “New Hat Tricks

  1. Beautiful inspiration for a fellow mad hatter! Thanks for sharing. It is almost always hat weather in Sweden, even midsummer can bring wind and rain…


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