Stars and String

the second magpie

This weekend, in the last of my down-time before the busiest month of my life and to use up some of my last little bundles of yarn, I made myself a decoration. I managed to retrieve my 4mm hook from my brother’s, where I’d foolishly left it in his car when we went home the other week, and compensated for its abandonment by throwing this little number together.


Stars! Granny stars! Aren’t they cute? I made them based on the ‘Grandma Twinkle’ pattern over at the Royal Sisters blog, generally out of my odds and ends of yarn, and then I chained a bunch of white cotton yarn and attached each star with 1dc (1sc if you are American, and my lovely visiting Abby, who taught me how to crochet, is American, I thought I’d try to service both sides of the Atlantic at once).



It’s very simple and…

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2 thoughts on “Stars and String

  1. those stars are lovely and I think they are exactly what I have been looking for for my children’s bedroom, thanks for the tip!

    • Welcome, and I’m sure the creator would be chuffed to know you like them too! I made some similar a while back and had to iron them to stop them curling lol. I also read year ago about someone doing something similar with her baby’s tiny clothes – ie newborn size. She strung them along a chain or a ribbon to display them. Show us photos when you’re done? :>


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