DIY “Crochet Shoe Tops”




  • Leather punch—found at most big craft stores


  • Screwdriver (for changing settings on leather punch)


  • Crochet hooks — super tiny to yarn-appropriate size


  • Sewing needle/tapestry needle


  • Stitch markers


  • Paper, Sharpie and a pencil


  • A pair of really cruddy shoes to practice on


  • Shoes you think would look cool with added crochet elements


  • Leather (or pleather) belts or coats from thrift stores, for optional details. Lots of boot styles have wrapped-around belts and leather cuffs.


  • Yarn that goes with your shoes. This could be a color that matches exactly, a contrasting color that will look like spats on the shoe, or a variegated yarn with a hint of the shoe color in it. Don’t use really light, lacy yarn, because it won’t stand up to the wear-and-tear of pulling on and off, and it will probably look dumb.If you want to make…

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