Crochet Swiffer Pads

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Lately I have been experimenting with making crochet swiffer pads. My problem is i hate the swiffer I have. I have a wetjet, and I have never been happy with it. I recently requested some coupons from the swiffer website. You can do this too HERE! I just did this the other day, so it has not had a chance to get here yet.

I made one crochet cleaning pad so far and I love how it works but since I have an odd shaped swiffer the pattern I used needed modified. It does not fit as well as I would like it to. I am working on a revised version of the pattern now.


See I have this model with the annoying side scrubber that I have never used.

I really just want an original one. I used to have one and I LOVED it.

I prefer to…

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