We hit 100 followers! Thank you! Now win a chance to Guest Post!

As a big thank you for reaching 100 followers, we would like to offer one of you the chance to be our first Guest Poster at ukcrochetpatterns. We’re all about promoting Crochet and its talented people!

TO ENTER: you are welcome to either leave a comment on this post saying “ME, DUDES!” or “Wazzaaaaap” etc, or send a message via the CONTACT page.

If you would like to be considered, here are the requirements (you don’t have to have these ready until we confirm that you’ve won):

  1. We would like your post to contain a link to a free crochet pattern in UK terms. We would prefer you to have written it yourself but it’s okay if you haven’t! It can be any skill level. If it’s someone else’s pattern, please tell us why you’ve chosen it.
  2. We would like your post to be up to 200 words long (but we won’t count :>) and talk about crochet – how you got into it or why you love it or impart some crochet-related wisdom (we like this best!) or something like that.
  3. We would love to see links to your blog/website or online shops. We would be happy for you to promote yourself and your stuff!
  4. We would like you to post on your blog  that you won, and link back to us in the post.

Any questions, please feel free to ask!

Our Big Fat Ginger Independent Adjudicator will pick the winner on Thursday 3rd June at 10pm, most likely by sitting on a piece of paper with your name on it. Or possibly licking it. Or maybe by making a disgusted face at it. Or by ignoring it and walking off.

Don’t worry if you don’t win: there will be another opportunity in July!

4 thoughts on “We hit 100 followers! Thank you! Now win a chance to Guest Post!

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