UK to US crochet stitch translation

Why didn’t I think of this before, considering the purpose of this blog? 😛

CH – chain – same in UK and US terms

SS – slip stitch – same in UK and US terms

DC – UK double crochet, US single crochet (sc)

TR – UK treble crochet, US double crochet

DTR – UK double treble crochet, US treble crochet

YRH – UK yarn round hook, US yarn over (yo)

NB. It’s a common misconception that UK crochetiers call the “slip stitch” a single crochet – we don’t. It’s a slip stitch :>.

8 thoughts on “UK to US crochet stitch translation

  1. My mum uses uk terms (we are in Australia) and she taught me single crochet not slip stich so I was confused when I started reading patterns as to what a slip stitch was.

  2. I’m glad to see your blog, I had no idea US and UK were really that different aside from the hooks being called different things – very confusing when we’re using the same words for different stitches! I will keep this in mind for my future blog posts and be sure to clarify better.
    Ilovesocks (and I also love Doctor Who!)

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