A Pony Tail Hat!

We have a lot of hair, like the lady at itchycrochet, and we’re in love with her invention of a hair hat thingie. I don’t know what to call it – it’s half a hat and half a hair accessory. She calls it a “Pony Tail Hat”. Whatever it is, it works! You can wear it to keep your hair out of the way or as a statement accessory.  You could make it out of thicker wool for winter, and thinner for the warmer months. You could even crochet in some beads and add little touches like flowers. I’m thinking of a Steampunk-themed one for my daughter!

Click here for the pattern, already in UK terms.

7 thoughts on “A Pony Tail Hat!

  1. Too clever! I have to make one! Now ALL I have to do is remember where I saw the translations for UK & USA terminology…now where was that? Maybe Red Heart yarns…Yes!

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