Chair socks – pattern translation

My craft area has taken over part of the dining room. Unfortunately a huge water leak meant I had to pull up the carpet. This leaves a bare lino floor and chairs that scrape on it so loudly, they make me want to scream.

Step in: chair socks from thevelvetbow! Hurrah!

These beauties can be whipped up in No Time Flat and only use TR stitches. Not only that, you can use leftover yarn because there are only six rows in each one.

So, wherever the pattern says DC, crochet a TR.


6 thoughts on “Chair socks – pattern translation

  1. What a great idea. I have recently started to teach myself crochet and I am well and truly hooked, even though I never seem to end up with the right number of stitches on each row. This looks like an ideal starter project for my kitchen chairs.

    • Yes indeed! My 14 year old daughter is learning too and we plan of doing this project together – mainly because I want to make eight and don’t want to do them all lol. Show us photos when you’re done?

  2. Fantastic idea, I never thought about doing that. If I ever need them I will make them myself. Our current chairs/sofa don’t have legs the whole thing just sits on the floor with stumpy bits. Well done x

  3. When I first saw the title of this project I shook my head thinking, What on earth are chair socks?! I scanned the photo trying to figure it out. I had never heard that term from my Grandma (who was a Canadian with a mum who was raised in the UK).. Then I spotted the red socks on the legs! What a great Idea! I am taking out my carpet this summer and putting in wood. I will need these socks to protect my floors from the chairs.

    Ta Ta for now, Cathy the Bagg Lady


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