A new idea – crochet make up remover pads!

I genuinely hadn’t thought of this before. I’m a big greenie. I never buy things like cotton wool or anything disposable because green issues are really important to me, so having a teenage daughter who likes to slap on make up, I was very happy to find this pattern: reusable make up remover pads! Fab!

From moralfibres.co.uk, the pattern is very quick and simple. You could churn out a dozen of these while watching Eurovision Semi-Final 1 (guess what I’m doing? :P).

12 thoughts on “A new idea – crochet make up remover pads!

  1. Thanks for featuring my post – can’t wait to see how yours turn out! I can’t think of a better evening – crochet and eurovision! Maybe through in a cheeky glass of wine?!

    ps: the net bag sounds like a great idea for washing! Another blogger who made them also had some washing tips for removing make-up stains: http://knittygalore.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/crochet-diy-reusable-cotton-wool-pads.html She also made hers a tiny bit bigger to cope with any shrinkage (although it depends on what temperature you wash at).

  2. What a great way to be responsible to the earth! I love it! I saw this on Pinterest (or was it some million craft website?) at any rate I thought it was pretty cute and was contemplating making it myself. I think that I shall.


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